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Thee® 60ml Cream, Oil, Silk Bundle

100% 25 Momme pure Mulberry silk

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THEE® Australia now has a bundle of products to complement your THEE® time. THEE® Cream (60ml) can now be paired with THEE® Hydrate & Illuminate Oil (25ml), THEE® luxurious pure silk pillowslip and THEE® luxurious pure silk eye masks to create the perfect THEE® time while you relax.


THEE® Hydrate and Renew is an intensive skin treatment that works on multiple levels to create a multi-functional face cream, targeting hydration, cell renewal, fine lines as well as having brightening and soothing properties. It is a complete face cream. Bringing together Sea Kelp, Peptides, Orange plant stem cells, Ceramides and Niacinamide to name a few. It is an intensively rich and nourishing cream with the slightest fragrance of an ocean breeze.


THEE® Cream is made from the finest ingredients sourced worldwide, then manufactured in Sydney Australia, this means the actives are fresh and work well to deliver faster results.


THEE® Hydrate & Illuminate Face Oil works to effectively soften fine lines and wrinkles on mature skin. It contains the powerful anti-ageing ingredients of a potent marine plant extract & Diacetyl Boldine to provide an intense anti-ageing treatment. It also contains nurturing organic oils along with Rosehip Oil to help re-plump the skin; making it visibly radiant.


Ideal for those with very dry, mature skin. It is non greasy and can be used morning under make up or with the Intensive Hydrate & Renew to act as a marvellous treatment cream day or night. 100% Natural and fully supported by anti aging scientific data.


THEE® luxurious silk pillowslips are made from 100% 25 Momme pure mulberry silk which helps to maintain your skins natural moisture levels and unlike conventional pillowcases, pure silk pillowslips will not absorb your face cream. The silk pillowslips are also gentle on your hair, prevents bed-head and helps preserve your hair do. THEE® luxurious pillowslips are made from the highest grade silk confirming to international certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 which ensures the best quality for maximum results.


THEE® luxurious silk eye masks aid in the prevention of wrinkles and puffy eyes by blocking excess light and maintaining natural moisture around your eyes while you rest. THEE® eye masks are a quality product made from 100% 25 Momme pure Mulberry silk. THEE® luxurious eye masks are made from the highest grade silk confirming to international certificationOEKO-TEX® Standard 100 which ensures the best quality for maximum results.


Included in bundle is One:
THEE® 60ml Cream
THEE® Hydrate & Illuminate Oil
Silk Pillowslip
Silk Eye Mask