Summer is hot days and warm nights, but your skin doesn’t need to suffer. We live in a hot dry climate and the combination of environmental factors such as sun, sand and surf combined with and air-conditioning is harsh on our skin. THEE Australia has the ideal solution to your quench your skin and alleviate dehydration and the drying effects of the Australian environment.

Use THEE hydration this summer and your skin can look vibrant, radiant and naturally healthy.

Created and formulated by Jennifer Smyth, THEE presents a complete solution to help give you a healthy look this summer. Each of THEE products have generous hydrating qualities and when combined they create the ultimate hydration experience.

“Hydration is the biggest concern I hear from people regarding their skin and I understand this.  I was initially unable to find a face cream that actually felt as though it was benefitting my skin. Most were too thin, felt watery on my skin and highly fragranced, so I started my journey to create an Intensive Hydration Cream and Oil which really packs a hydration punch!” According to Jennifer Smyth, “when your skin is plump and glowing, you feel really good and your confidence improves too.”

Each of THEE products are individually effective at restoring moisture, plumping the skin and creating overall radiance. Used individually you will see positive visible results and improved hydration which is exactly what maturing women want to see.

THEE® Cream works on multiple levels targeting hydration, cell renewal, anti-aging and brightening as well as having soothing and moisturising properties. It is a complete cream which nurtures the skin and offers hydrating and renewing benefits.  It is an extremely rich and silky textured cream with the slight scent of the ocean breeze.

Application: Use this cream as you would normally of your day and night moisturiser or apply it generously over your face and neck to act as an intensive hydration treatment. Leave it on overnight.

Ingredients: The active ingredients for hydration in THEE Cream include Sea Kelp, moisture binding Peptides, Ceramides, Pro-Vitamin B5 and 24-Hour Hydration Complex.

THEE® Hydrate & Illuminate Face Oil works to effectively soften fine lines and wrinkles. It contains powerful anti-ageing ingredients providing an intense treatment, re-plumping the skin and making it visibly radiant. It’s a perfect travelling companion.

Application: Apply two or three drops of THEE Oil onto your fingers and spread the oil across all finger tips. Pat the Oil gently on to your face. You will feel that it glides on and is completely absorbed into the skin. You might like using the Oil as your stand-alone moisturiser or in combination with THEE Cream for deeper hydration.

Ingredients: THEE Oil’s active ingredients for hydration include Potent marine plant extract & Diacetyl Boldine as well as a blend of organic oils (including Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil, Macadamia Oil, Coconut Oil) and other patented active ingredients.

For an intensive hydration experience, use both THEE Cream and THEE Oil morning and night.  When used in in succession, THEE Cream and Oil quickly and effectively nourishes the skin to restore hydration. Simply apply a few drops of THEE Oil to your skin prior to your preferred amount of THEE Cream. Your skin will enjoy the boost!

For Summer, you can enjoy both THEE Cream and THEE Oil when purchasing as duo for one special price!

THEE Australia is luxurious skin care which simplifies the morning and evening beauty routine so that you can put ‘me-time’ back in your day. THEE Cream and THEE Oil are two powerful and active products that can visibly improve your skin’s appearance, minimise the effects of aging and intensively hydrate. It is 100% Australian owned, formulated and manufactured in Sydney using the highest quality ingredients sourced world-wide to ensure the freshest, most active ingredients for optimum results and multiple benefits without the exorbitant price tag.

Love THEE skin!

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To purchase THEE Cream and THEE Oil duo, for the limited time price of $99 (36%off RRP),


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  1. Denise Smullen
    June 16, 2020, 9:36 pm

    I love it Jacqui and Dinah made me a present of both last year and I am still using it, I will definitely purchase this special offer

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