Established in 2015 to develop a luxurious intensive hydrating and rejuvenating face cream. Businesswoman Jennifer Smyth perfected the formulation over a two-year personal journey. 

During a challenging time in her life, busy single mother of two, Jennifer Smyth, realised the importance of her precious “me-time” was in caring for herself. This “me-time” for Jennifer came at the end of the day, when she took a relaxing bath, followed by the application of a high-end night cream – a leftover indulgence from her successful days as co-founder of Sydney’s exclusive Smyth & Fitzgerald Hair and Beauty Salon.

Over time, Jennifer’s capacity to purchase high-end creams became harder to justify, leading her to a journey to create a high quality, full-bodied, face cream which contained multiple active ingredients.

Working with formulation scientists and beauty experts; THEE® Cream was perfected over a two-year period by Jennifer and her team. 



Many years of research and development has gone into the formulations of our products.

THEE® Australia has worked with leading Australian formulation experts, who travel the globe extending their knowledge to ensure the best in quality, sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world. These ingredients are then sent to a boutique 100% Australian owned company in Sydney, who delicately create and package THEE® products. Our packing is also purchased in Australia.

THEE® Australia also has a small, highly skilled team that provides advice on branding, marketing, imagery, social media and online presence.

THEE® is proudly Australian.


Now my formulation is complete, I offer THEE Cream to you; a thick, intensively rich cream with multiple active ingredients.

It’s a ‘complete’ cream, which nurtures THEE skin and supports rejuvenation from the inside out by the simple act of application.

Indulge THEE time. Take the time for you – only a few minutes each day.

Apply THEE® cream. Warm the cream between your fingertips. Tap the cream lightly with upward strokes, gently massaging any excess into your skin. You should not feel guilty about a simple self-gift.

Breathe THEE® effect. Take the time to breathe and enjoy the delicate fragrance of an ocean breeze.

Soothe THEE® senses. Allow yourself to feel the benefits as THEE® cream is absorbed into your skin.

Love THEE® skin. Your skin shows your life journey. THEE® cream, used regularly, can soften, nourish and rejuvenate your skin to make your skin look its best.